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Transportation Information

Transportation Information – Community Living Guelph Wellington

January 2013

Center Wellington

  • No public transit available
  • VON does offer a transportation program.  Volunteer drivers are paid mileage for rides.  Rides can be for regular appointments/purposes, sporadic/one time appointments.  Rides can be for medical, day program, etc. Contact VON directly at 519-323-2295.
  • Taxi’s in Center Wellington – are on a flat rate of $6 or $7 per ride.  There is talk of the taxi’s going to a meter system which would increase the cost.
  • Accessible rides – mobility is available in Fergus/Elora/Belwood on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays through VON.  $3 a trip and based on VON eligibility.  Eligibility is based on income.  Call directly at 519-323-2295.
  • Community Resource Centre – if person is not eligible for VON transportation, CRC may be able to help.  Priority is given for rides to Ontario Works, Court appointments.  This is not for daily rides and up to a maximum of 12 rides per year.  Cost may be subsidized.

City of Guelph

  • VON offers a service of a ride for $6.25 one way in town or .45 cents a km out of town.  They can be reached at 1-888-506-6353 and they need notice to ensure a ride.
  • Bus schedules for the City of Guelph can be located at Guelph.ca.
  • Guelph Mobility is an accessible service. Their number is 519-822-1811×2801.  For details look up Guelph Mobility on internet.  It explains booking and eligibility, etc.
  • Private cabs also have accessible vehicles.  Canadian Cab – 519-824-3110 and Red Top Taxi at 519-821-1700.

North Wellington

  • VON – .38 cents a km – 1-888-506-6353
  • Family Home Services – .41 cents km – 821-2210 – in town services is $5 a trip.
  • Taxi Service – Palmerston to Harriston is $17 each way
  • C.R.E.A.T.E. – transportation for adults with disablities – and seniors in Harriston area $10 a trip – Coordiantor is Mrs. Janice Grey – 519-338-2995
  • A list of taxi fare prices in Wellington can be made available
  • Wellington Transportation Services – is a collaborative network of community service providers that is for residents of Centre, North or East Wellington who do not have access to transportation – the contact information is 519-843-7003/1-866-694-9562 or email them at: