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Union Petition Clarification Notice

Please be advised that there has been a recent petition circulating regarding Community Living Guelph Wellington (CLGW) and Community Living Dufferin (CLD).  As an agency, we want to confirm that this is a CUPE union led initiative and not an agency led initiative in any way.

CLGW wants to clarify a couple of points included in the union petition:

  • In addition to service expansion over the past several years, CLGW received an addition to base funding in 2014-15 in the amount of $793,641. This base funding increase was provided to … support the continued professionalization of developmental services and to support an increase in the salaries and wages of MCSS funded adult developmental services front line workers…”  This resulted in a 4% increase in staff compensation (salaries plus benefits)
  • In 2013 CLGW reduced agency-wide service hours by 4,680 per year to assist with our statutory financial obligations. There were no staff lay-offs as a result of this reduction in hours and no substantial reduction in service to clients

Please feel free to contact Laura Hanley, Executive Director at 226-314-0830 if you have any questions.

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