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  • Service Principles

    Mission Statement:

    The Mission of Community Living Guelph Wellington is to:

    advocate for, promote, and facilitate the full participation
    and inclusion of people who have an intellectual disability.

    The Board of Directors of Community Living Guelph Wellington has developed the following Services Principles to guide and provide focus to the work of our agency.

    Service Principles

    • Promote public understanding, acceptance and inclusion of persons with an intellectual disability into community life
    • Provide an equality of opportunity for all persons and their families to access services and supports within their home community
    • Providing supports as determined and requested by people and their families
    • Empowering consumers by involving them in responsible and informed decision making
    • Ensuring quality of service through regular reviews of procedures, policies and through fiscal responsibility
    • Ensuring a range of quality services through cooperative planning throughout the county.

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