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    Community Living is something many of us experience naturally, as part of our daily lives. We live in communities … our children go to neighbourhood schools … we have the opportunity to work at real jobs for real pay.

    But, for many people who have intellectual disabilities, community living is a dream, an objective yet to be realized. Some still live in institutions. Others may live at home but with little connection with the community around them - as children, they may be in segregated classrooms in schools far away from neighbourhood children; as adults, they are largely excluded from the workforce. At all ages, many face physical and social barriers that keep them from participating in the social, recreational and economic world around them.

    Community Living is part of our name - Community Living Guelph Wellington. We are a not for profit service agency that provides support and assistance to people who have an intellectual disability and reside in Wellington County. We support people who have an intellectual disability as they live, learn, work, and experience all aspects of living in their community.

    Community Living Guelph Wellington also works hard to bring people and communities together. We work to help the community to develop its capacity to welcome and support people who have not always had the same opportunities as the rest of us to participate in community life in meaningful, productive ways.

    Community Living Guelph Wellington was founded in 1955 by parents of children with an intellectual disability and concerned citizens. Since its inception, this organization has expanded from a group providing assessment, training and education to the pre-school child to a dynamic agency that provides services to people with an intellectual disability throughout their entire adult life span.

    The mission of Community Living Guelph Wellington is to advocate for, promote, and facilitate the full participation, inclusion and empowerment of people who have an intellectual disability."

    Did you know...

    Community Living Guelph Wellington is funded provincially through the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

    We provide service to over 390 people with an intellectual disability and their families in Guelph and communities throughout Wellington County.

    A dedicated group of over 325 skilled and trained employees implement a variety of service options and aims to be responsive to the abilities and needs of people with an intellectual disability and their families.

    "We are "People Helping People"

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